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We undertake assignments within marketing and communications. We offer everything from project managment, creative idea and concept development. We have a wide experience from big clients to entrepreneurs - from small projects to the really big ones.

Do you have any projects you need help with, just contact us at

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Speaker assignments


The different speaker assignements I have had during the years have had so many different topics. Focus has been on social media and the new environment we live in. Often focus are on the trends and what is important to be prepared for the future. My goal on every assignemnt is that the audience no matter level should leave the seminar with a lot of inspriation and knowledge that can be used directly. The seminars will be in Swedish or English. Open for international requests and travels. Also provide workshops within various topics.


A selection of topics

  • Digitalization (digital transformation)

  • Social media 2.0

  • Social media and HR (employer branding)

  • Social media is dead - long live social media

  • The digital transformation and how it will affect our world

  • Sponsorship activation - the key to ROO (and ROI)

  • Sponsorship - valuation and packaging to meet success

  • Employee Advocacy - make your employees your ambassadors

  • Employee Experience and the impact of communication

  • The collaborative economy

Coming speaking assignments

2019-05-24 Future Talk on Retail (moderator) with H&M and Microsoft (Hong Kong)

2019 (Autumn) - Future Talk on Digitalization, The Winery Hotel, Sweden

[ Social media / Digital transformation / Employer branding / Employee Advocacy / Sponsorship /

The Collaborative Economy ]


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